Zingela Trail Run

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Meet Your Hosts

The Calverleys

Mark, Linda and Peter Calverley  have lived in this Valley for over 3 decades and are the perfect hosts for events such as these. Mark is a guru when it comes to all things bush related, as well as being incredibly knowledgeable about the interesting history of the area; he is almost as proficient at track building, as Linda is at providing beautiful meals. Peter has recently returned to Zingela and brings with him a refreshing energy, which adds a delightful flavour to all activities in the Valley.

The Terrain

Trail Running Paradise

Trail Running at Zingela is bushveld trail running at its best! The area is arid, rocky and thorny, but the trails are well prepared before each event. Zingela is paradise for Trail Running enthusiasts. Game paths make for superb running trails, with a surprise around every corner. We have included a fantastic assortment of natural features, from scrambles up a dry waterfall, to sandy river beds and endless meandering game trails...